Medication Management

Our Clinical Pharmacists are also specialists in diabetes care and can offer advice on how to best manage this condition.

Our Family Health Team includes Clinical Pharmacists who are medication experts. Our clinical pharmacists will provide a comprehensive medication review, identify any drug therapy problems and assist in resolving them, as well as answer any questions you may have related to your medication.

Clinical Pharmacists Can:

  • Advise you on how to take or use new medications prescribed by your physician by providing tips and strategies to help you adhere to your medication regime
  • Review proper use of glucometers, inhalers, home blood pressure machines and dosettes
  • Suggest more effective drug combinations by recommending changes in medication dose or schedules to your physician to improve your health and comfort
  • Inform you of possible side effects
  • Comprehensive medication review to check for possible drug interactions with other prescription medication as well as over the counter medications (herbals, vitamins, homeopathic medication, etc.)
  • See you after hospital discharge to review any medication changes
  • Review your medication to see if a reduction can be made to the number of pills you are taking