Foot Care

A Chiropodist is a primary care professional practicing in podiatric medicine that specializes in assessment, management and prevention of diseases and disorders of the foot.  An essential member of the inter professional healthcare team, the Chiropodist is skilled in assessing the needs of their patients and of managing both chronic and acute conditions affecting foot and lower limb function. 

Types of issues the Chiropodist will see: 

Achilles tendonitis

Athletes foot

Athletic injuries

Bio-mechanical assessment




Cracked heels

Custom foot orthotics

Diabetic foot exams


Flat feet

Fungal Nails

Gait analysis

Heel spurs

High arches

Ingrown toe nails


Morton’s neuroma

Partial and total nail avulsion

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar warts

Plaster of paris foot casts in subtalar joint neutral

Pressure off-loading

Skin and nail infections

Thick or ingrown toe nails

Wound care

Are you Diabetic?

Have you recently been diagnosed with diabetes or have long standing diabetes? Have you ever had a foot exam?  All patients with diabetes should have a diabetic foot exam preformed at least yearly, more frequent diabetic foot examinations should be preformed dependent on your risk category.   

Self-referral process

Please call the office and speak with one of our receptionists to book an appointment to see the Chiropodist regarding any foot pain, problems or concerns.  The chiropodist at Grandview Medical Centre treats people of all ages, from children to seniors.