Have you been diagnosed with diabetes?  We can help you!

Our diabetes program provides education, tools and ongoing support for patients with Type 2 diabetes, as well as Pre-diabetes while focusing on patient self-management. Our team, made up of Nurses, Dietitians, Pharmacists and Certified Diabetes Educators, offer individual plans to help you manage your condition.

You will learn how to:

  • Manage blood sugars while eating foods you like
  • Get the greatest benefit from physical activity
  • Understand and use your diabetes medications effectively
  • Use your home blood test results to improve control and give you more flexibility
  • Understand the complications of diabetes and learn how to prevent them

Insulin Therapy Program:

If you and your physician feel that insulin will help you manage your diabetes better, there is help for you. We can help you start on insulin or adjust your current insulin regime. You can book an individual appointment to meet with a Certified Diabetes Educator to start or adjust insulin and a Dietitian for carbohydrate counting.