Prescription Renewals

We request that medication renewals be done during your regular appointment with your family doctor whenever possible.

Please bring all of your medications to every visit.

It is your responsibility to see your family doctor before your prescription refills run out.  If you run out of refills before your next family doctor visit, your community pharmacist is able to refill most of your regular, long-term prescriptions as an “emergency supply” until you visit your doctor.

After your community pharmacist renews your medication, Grandview will not charge you a fee for this refill, however you must book an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible for assessment.

Renewal requests for narcotic, controlled or “non-regular” prescriptions must be done directly with Grandview.  You can request this directly OR your pharmacy can fax a request on your behalf.  For most cases, an appointment must be made with your physician for assessment. For medication renewal requests, 72 hour notice is required.

If your family doctor is not available an on-call doctor may renew your medications. Note that the on-call doctor will NOT renew  prescriptions for narcotics or tranquilizers.